Christian Stone
Always Online
Hong Kong
Fashion Designer

In the Christian Stone universe, unbridled experimentation unleashes endless opportunities for escapism in a digital realm. Here, pop culture takes on a cyberpunk flavour. Awash in the internet’s white noise are shards of humanity—witty, ironic, social—all zipped and stitched together in designs that are a playful, intersectional amalgamation of memes and pixelated dreams. Christian Stone designs are a call to arms: an agent to transform, express and surpass the barriers and boundaries between the tangible world and the cyber world. Bridging physical and virtual, every piece exists as a commentary on a digital snapshot, within a timeline in flux. Wild silhouettes empower their wearers, bizarre forms become wearable innovations, and a futuristic aesthetic emerges—with brilliant and surprising functions.

Christian Stone is the designer behind eponymous label, Christian Stone. A fashion design graduate of Central Saint Martins, he cut his teeth in the fashion world working at Christian Dior in Paris and Hood By Air in New York. His lauded graduate collection was featured in the prestigious CSM press show in 2017, and later won him the coveted V-Files Runway 9 Designer Award. Inspired by internet, pop and digital culture, his work is bold, brave and imbued with intelligent social commentary. He debuted his first collection at New York Fashion Week in 2018, and has gained major media exposure and a high profile through esteemed publications including VOGUE, I-D, and Dazed and Confused Magazine. His work has amassed an international celebrity following from artists such as ASAP Rocky, Chae Lin CL, Billie Eilish, FKA Twigs and Steve Lacy.

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